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  • 11/08/2019


6th August 2019,

Dear Friend,
The new week begins.  It is the time to update the situation. The general situation of past week is rising up. As now there are much more raining and the weather will get cool because the hot summer season will finish. So in order to avoid the sprout growing. The people who want to put the garlic into the cold warehouse rush to purchase for the material and put into cold warehouse immediately. Also there are some orders from abroad to avoid the sprout problem.Both of these reasons made the price kept rising up sharply. But from yesterday on, the price stop rising up and keep stable. There is another news that the exchange rate with us dollar to our money change sharply.It is $1:6.85 last week, but from yesterday, it become $1:7.05. Which is a good news for you that the cost is reducing becuase of this.
There are two possibility in the future: First one is that if this crazy purchase consume all of the garlic. Then the price will start rising up much.Second one is that there are still much more garlic outside of cold warehouse and most of them is with sprout problem. Then the price will keep dropping down, but even the price is lower, but there will be sprout growing. But we think that the situation will keep general stable situation from now to next one week. As the selling will more, but the demand both from Chinese market and abroad market is also more. If you want the perfect quality without any sprout problem, then you can make decision to buy now. If there is a  little sprout growing not affecting your sell, then you can wait and see what is the situation will be in the near future.
For the ginger situation, it is stable.

For the potato, the shipment from the cold warehouse is begining. And the quality can be ensured from cold warheouse. The price is also competitive.

Any question or decison, then please feel free to contact me.

All my best wishes,